Masstown Movement Fitness is a wonderfully modernized facility. For anyone who is just beginning their fitness journey to someone who is no stranger to working out, this is the PLACE to be!
Jenn and Amanda have created a dynamic establishment that is spotless, welcoming, energetic, and encouraging. Along with easy-to-use Fitness Equipment, they offer Fitness Apparel, Supplements, Spray Tanning, a fresh Juice Bar, and many other advantages.
These ladies are very approachable and genuinely care about their members. Both are always eager to offer assistance and/or direction when and where needed.
Since joining back in October 2019, I quickly felt that I had made the very best decision for continuing my fitness journey with MMF…I feel that I am thriving because of it. I am a mother of 2 children, quickly approaching 50, and have suffered with depression/anxiety off and on through my life. Working out has always been my therapy of sorts for dealing with life in general. My heart, body, and soul are in the very best shape of my life!
I offer a silent prayer of thanks to these beautiful ladies every day for following their dreams and never giving up. They’ve certainly impacted my life in a very positive way! To start my day in such a positive environment sets me up to have a successful, productive, and self-satisfied day. Isn’t that what we all hope to experience?
If you’ve ever wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend you give this facility and these ladies a chance to assist you in making the best decision of your life…..Looking after YOU!!!

LoriAnn Aikens