For me the gym has always been a challenge, I’m not fond of the big box store-style gyms I’ve tried them all! I’ve always liked the more personal feel, Where you are more than just a membership or a dollar sign. So when I first walked into MMF I met with Jennifer and Amanda and I knew right away it was the gym for me. The equipment is all-new high-end gear, the space is small enough to feel welcome but big enough to not trip over your fellow gym goers. When I started I had an understanding of what I wanted to achieve and asked Jennifer to build me a routine like it was my first time in a gym – she put it together quickly and between her and Amanda they showed me how to navigate around the gym and what I could do to maximize my time as I’m a busy guy. They re-sparked my interest in gym life and can’t wait to get back when all this craziness Is over.

Thanks to all the staff at MMF.

Kris Chase