Jennifer Fisher, co-owner

Jennifer has been passionate about health, wellness, and fitness for as long as she can remember.

“The connection between the foods we put in our body and how it affects our health, both mentally and physically, has always motivated me to learn more.”

Working out and training have also been a big part of Jenn’s life, whether working with other trainers or on her own.

“After years of just cardio – especially running – I realized that weight training was key in transforming your body,” she said.

Jenn is excited to be able to help others with their fitness and health journey at Masstown Movement Fitness.

The decision to open a gym was something that started to become less of a dream and more of an “I AM doing this!” as she was approaching 50.
With a long-time background in helping others in their businesses; both family and friends, Jenn knew she had the knowledge and motivation to pursue her new venture.

In Jenn’s spare time, she likes spending time with her four grandchildren, relaxing with family and friends at her cottage, and most importantly, focusing on motivation and self-love.